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Are you tired of the same old boring or outdated rooms in your home? As your lifestyle and design tastes have changed, shouldn't your home grow and evolve along with you? Break free from mediocrity. Let a local custom home builder revitalize your living spaces in Salt Lake City, UT.

Our family-owned business has over 50 years of combined experience in a wide range of construction industries. Renovate your kitchen, bathroom, living room and more with inspired new designs. Update fixtures, swap out flooring, and transform your home into the one you've always wanted.

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Stretch your usable space

Stretch your usable space

As your family grows and you accumulate more and more possessions over the years, you might run out of room in your home. You don't have to consider moving just yet. Home additions are a perfect way to expand your living space. Contact Davis & Sons, LLC to plan home additions like:

Additional bedrooms
Space above a garage
Entire floor additions
Expanded bathrooms or kitchens

Add precious space and value to your home investment. Call us today to schedule consultation on home additions in Salt Lake City, UT.